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Channel Name PurpleRodri
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Channel Description Hello there my Purple Banditos! I'm PurpleRodri! Welcome to my channel! ►Schedule◄ Pokemon: Let's Go (Daily) Pokemon: Insurgence (Weekends) ►►Donate◄◄ (I do this for a living so if you want to help a brother out and donate anything is appreciated!) https://streamlabs.com/purplerodri ►Social Media◄ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PurpleRodri Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PurpleRodri Instagram: http://instagram.com/PurpleRodri Discord: https://discord.gg/PurpleRodri ►My Sponsors◄ Blue Microphones: https://www.bluedesigns.com DXRacer: http://dxr.us/purple ►►Frequently Asked Questions◄◄ ►My Hardware◄ Microphone: Blue Yeti Pro Headset: Blue Lola Gameplay: Elgato HD Capture Card Gaming Chair: DXRacer ►My Software◄ Audio: Audacity Screen Capture: OBS Gameplay: Game Capture HD Editing: Vegas Pro ►Music◄ http://www.carbohydrom.net ►Downloads◄ I will not respond to messages relating to emulators, roms, or hacks.
Cow Chop
Channel Name Cow Chop
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Channel Description Couch Co-op Couch Op Cow Op Cow Chop Cow+Knife = Cow Chop.
Channel Name TC9700Gaming
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Channel Description What's up guys, Tomcat here! Here you'll find Forza, Need For Speed, Spin Tires, GTA, and lots of other racing and driving games to watch! And I guarantee you'll be entertained by what you find ;) Oh also... car vlogs, real life off-roading and occasional car reviews are all here as well! Business Email: mrforestbyrd@gmail.com
Rocket Beans TV
Channel Name Rocket Beans TV
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Channel Description Rocket Beans TV steht für 24/7-Entertainment-Power rund um Gaming und Popkultur! Seit seinem Start am 15.01.2015 hat sich Deutschlands einziger unabhängiger Online-TV-Sender zum europaweit erfolgreichsten Kanal auf der Streaming-Plattform Twitch entwickelt. Seit dem 01.09.2016 sendet Rocket Beans TV 24 Stunden pro Tag auf YouTube. Mit seinem interaktiven, ungewöhnlichen Programmangebot und Auftritten prominenter Gäste (z.B. Moritz Bleibtreu, André Schürrle, Smudo uvm.), begeistern die Rocket Beans bis zu 120.000 Zuschauer täglich. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Webvideopreis 2014 und 2015 sowie dem 1. Deutschen Content Marketing Preis desselben Jahres gestaltet Rocket Beans TV die Fernsehunterhaltung der Zukunft. Die Rocket Beans Entertainment GmbH ist Mitglied der USK. Jugendschutzbeauftragter: USK Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle Torstr. 6, 10119 Berlin jugendschutzbeauftragter@usk.de
Channel Name Matt3756
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Channel Description Hey it's Matt3756, welcome to my claw machine & arcade channel! Here we play arcade games, claw machines, coin pushers, carnival games + more! I also show you how these arcade games work and how to win at some of them! Whether it's tickets, money or claw machine plush, I'm always in it to win the jackpot! No need for hacks or cheats as I just use my skill to come out a winner at these arcade games! It all started with the claw machine and expanded from there - hope to enjoy what is to come from my arcade channel! SOCIAL MEDIA: ▶️ Official Website: http://www.matt3756.com ▶️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/matt3756 ▶️ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/matt3756
Channel Name Shirrako
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Channel Description COMING SOON: Ni No Kuni 2 & More! 4K 60FPS videos, Walkthroughs, Boss Fight guides and many more videos! I'm just a guy that loves gaming and music, you will find unique gaming videos and...
CoCosToy English
Channel Name CoCosToy English
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Channel Description Do you like Dinosaurs? I make Dinosaur & animals battle Video! Let's learn about Dinosaurs, animals and bugs with cocostoy. [Kids living organism education]
Channel Name Grandayy
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Channel Description I like memes FAQ: - grande1899 is my second channel (used to be my main even). - I use Vegas Pro for video editing, and FL Studio for most audio / music editing. - I learned most of my editing skills on my own and from the internet. - You can use any of my work in your own vids, just please try to give me credit if you do. You can even reupload my memes as is on other social media sites (but NOT on Youtube itself) as long as you give me proper credit. If it's on FB credit my FB page, if it's on Twitter credit my Twitter, if it's on IG credit my IG (all linked below). For anywhere else you can link my YT channel. - Yes I am actually a medical doctor. - Witcher 3 best game. - I do play those note blocks nicely. Btw if you want to contact me it's better to send me an email instead of a Youtube message. Banner art by @cyanstina
Channel Name quill18
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Channel Description Quill18 wants to rule the world. What could possibly go wrong? Tune in to one of the biggest strategy gamers on YouTube as he conquers his foes in strategy and simulation games, like Civilization, Europa Universalis, SimCity, and Dwarf Fortress. Marvel at his vast knowledge about bananas. Boggle at his total inability to pronounce city names correctly. Treasure that you aren't one of his overworked, underfed, and oft-sacrificed citizens. --- My official email address -- click "View email address" below. Did you know that I'm also a computer programmer working on my own games? You can watch my game programming tutorials at http://youtube.com/quill18creates I also livestream here: http://www.twitch.tv/quill18 I will announce streams here on YouTube as often as possible, but make sure to "Follow" on Twitch to receive email alerts whenever I go live. --- Mailing address: PO Box 2301, Station A Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3A 4S8
Channel Name Verlisify
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Channel Description The Best "Pokemon Sun and Moon" HYPE and Content Verlisify | Pokémon News Updates, Let's Plays, Gameplay Walkthroughs, Pokemon Moveset Guides, Top 10's and more with Pokemon Sun and Moon! My channel is dedicated to variety Pokemon content of all skills, competitive experience, and ages! Pokemon Sun and Moon is the most recent Pokemon game and so far I have made a moveset guide for every new Pokemon and many other Pokemon Sun and Moon Guides as well! Daily Pokemon Strategy Guide Series "How To Use" Pokemon Achievements: First Level 100 Pokemon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! Pokemon Battle Spot Doubles Ranked - 7th Place Pokemon Battle Spot Singles Ranked - 23rd Place Pokemon Showdown OU Ladder Top 1%