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Channel Name Arumba
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Channel Description Daily HD content on grand strategy games! Primary content at the moment is Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings 2. I love to learn new games and ...
Channel Name Tealgamemaster
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Channel Description Any business inquiries can be made to my email address at Tealgamemaster@gmail.com PO Box: Teal GM PO Box 262 JERSEY JE4 9TB Hello friends! My name is Teal. I'm from the UK and I'm a Let's Player/Reviewer on YouTube. I think YouTube's a fascinating world where you can entertain people to make both you and the people watching happy, and that's all I try to achieve - A goal to make people happy by being funny and/or informative with what I do, so let's see if I can accomplish this goal! :) Logo/Thumbnail was designed by Emil & Mucrush - https://www.youtube.com/user/EmiliusTheAwesome Banner was designed by Mucrush - https://twitter.com/Mucrush Drawn version of me was designed by Miss Kiwa - https://twitter.com/Miss_Kiwa
Channel Name MT
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Channel Description News is information about current events. Journalists provide news through many different media, based on word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, and electronic communication. Humans exhibit a nearly universal desire to learn and share news, which they satisfy by talking to each other and sharing information. Technological and social developments, often driven by government communication and espionage networks, have increased the speed with which news can spread, as well as influenced its content. The genre of news as we know it today is closely associated with the newspaper
Newfie Bangaa
Channel Name Newfie Bangaa
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Channel Description Banner by ColeNL112 Avatar by theSpinia 500 projects, and counting. Let's Plays done: *check playlists LPs in progress: Final Fantasy IX Dark Cloud 2 Future LPs: Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch) All copyrighted material is owned by it's respective holders. These videos are commentary in nature under the "fair use" policy of copyright. My videos contain foul language. You've been warned.
DrProof - Imperator der Spielkultur
Channel Name DrProof - Imperator der Spielkultur
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Channel Description Pascal Scheffler / DrProof c/o Webedia Gaming GmbH allyance Cuvrystr. 3-4 10997 Berlin E-Mail: impressum@jointheallyance.de THIS IS NOT MY E-MAIL ADDRESS. (For that, please check the box below "For business inquiries") Telefon: +49 (0) 89 244 136 705 Web: www.jointheallyance.de Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 5 TMG: Pascal Scheffler Epic Store Creator CODE PRJ1TG
Channel Name Denonu
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Channel Description Embrace The Darkness. Here You Shall Find Entertainment...........................................And Cookies Gamertags: Xbox 360: LLL Denonu LLL PSN: Denonu I upload gameplay vids of...
Channel Name Gerugon
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Channel Description RPGs wie sie heute fast nicht mehr produziert werden sind meine Spezialität. Fast alle meine LPs sind roleplayed, dh. es gibt keine Spoiler und ich werde mit ein zwei Ausnahmen das machen was für den Char am meisten Sinn ergibt. Aktiv ist dieser Kanal seit November 2011. Inzwischen betreibe ich den Kanal hauptberuflich, allerdings ist das noch sehr holprig. Wenn ihr mich also unterstützen wollte clickt unten auf Patreon für eine monatliche kleine Spende oder direkt auf Paypal für ein einmaliges Sponsoring =). Wenn ihr auf den Amazon shoppen link clickt und von dort aus einen Einkauft tätigt bekomme ich auch eine Kleinigkeit davon ab.
Channel Name JacksawJack
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Channel Description "Zombies...*Racks Shotgun*...Must be Tuesday." Please be aware that all materials are owned by their respected owners under copyright. These recordings are for entertainment purposes only and are satire or commentary in nature, as defined under the 'Fair use' policy of copyright.
Channel Name TheWolverous
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Channel Description Kommentiertes Gameplay seit 2010 Livestreamer auf Twitch seit 2014: https://www.twitch.tv/wolverous E-Sports & Entertainment Caster (Für Alles) Host der Sendung Influencer Duell